The Decolonizing Data Institute:

Centering Black and Indigenous Knowledges

Decolonizing Data Expertise

Informed by Community

Wielding Technology and Data for Transformation

Powered by a decolonized, inclusive and intersectional analysis

Illuminating the power of data to serve equity and justice

Data is abundant, data is a tool for prosperity and economic dynamism. Data is a national currency, data is power, data is love, and data must be sacrosanct. But data has been weaponized and wielded by the privileged, reinforcing policy inaction and further marginalizing vulnerable distinct groups on the periphery of the economic and social sectors.

We will co-shape authentic social equity data lenses and analysis to: cultivate social impact, inform inclusive and dynamic decision-making (from policy to funding), and enhance the well-being of all peoples on the margins. It is possible and it is within our grasp.

With community at the heart, we will create a community of practice that uplifts the stories reflecting all our realities, and mobilizes ethical data solutions to ensure no one is left behind. THIS is the mission of the Decolonizing Data Institute.

Data Serving Communities